Hargitai Judit, coach

Blessed with passionate curiosity and an exploratory attitude I have always strived to be a person who can adapt and change, grow and improve, take risks and learn from mistakes. Taking on the challenges of the unknown, I moved abroad to start my adult life, family and my professional career.

What have I gained from ten years in the Netherlands?

I met mature people who provided me with an understanding, caring and supportive environment. In addition to English, I learned Dutch, got to know people from other cultures through my work, and saw a multicultural, well-functioning country. Above all, I have learned that freedom, trust, respect for rules, taking responsibility are the basis for the well-being of individuals and the society.

I returned to Hungary with enthusiasm and the courage to face reality.

Then came the realisation that what is great and liveable in one society does not seem to work in another one. I did not give up. I ‘reframed’ my situation, took the obstacles as inspiration: started a serious learning process, a process of self-discovery. Now I see that it is not enough to just confront the existing reality. To change something, you need to create a new model to replace the outdated one.

I strive to be a skilled, dedicated development expert. I have taught young people and adults, conducted communication/conflict management trainings, management workshops, mentored leaders, and as an HR professional I work on the renewal of organisations, processes and systems.

I have not spent 20+ years in one field, my professional background is about diversity and renewal. This has been my journey.

Hargitai Judit, coach

After completing a coach training course, I obtained the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) that I am a member of.
Why choose an ICF certified coach?
Because they

  • have completed an accredited training
  • have gained sufficient hours of coaching experience
  • have successfully passed a multi-stage exam in accordance with international standards
  • support clients competently and ethically along ICF guidelines
  • are committed to continuous self-development.

My contact details on ICF coach finder: link.

A glimpse into the workshop

"Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes." Carl Gustav Jung

I have realised that having a ready-made concept of how the world works is not relevant, but being able to set growth processes in motion. I rather give impulses that others can perceive and unfold in their own world. In this way, the experiences of those co-operating in a ‘workshop’ become part of the process, and things are born that we create together.

I feel that we are carried by a special flow in the encounters and in the relationships. If we surrender to this dynamism, we can let go of those who leave with gratitude and welcome those who arrive. This also applies to thoughts, people and beliefs.

Hargitai Judit, coach
What is coaching? ICF defines coaching as „partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) was a Swiss psychologist, psychiatrist, creator of analytical psychology and a prominent figure of the 20th century. He is associated with the concepts of archetypes, the collective unconscious, the anima-animus, individualisation and personality typology. He influenced Joseph Cambell, who in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949) depicted the spiral model of personal development. Jung's psychological types can also be found in the basis of the so-called MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality test.

The Jungian coaching toolkit can shed light on the clients' own individual motivations and the guiding principles of their personal functioning. "The Hero's Journey" cards can provide useful insights into finding one's individual path and strengthen one's courage to follow it.
In my experience, every leader is credible in a different way. Finding and conveying credibility requires awareness and a lot of self-reflection. An open, trusting and honest coachee-coach relationship can help the client to overcome being stuck in certain situations.


What is a successful leader like? How do you get people with different mindsets and personalities to work together? What should we do as a team and as leaders when a situation is risky? These were some of the questions I was looking for an answer to in a workshop organised in the Veszprém Arena with the management of a large enterprise. And why there? Well, there are many similar situations and tasks to be solved in professional sport and in the management of a large enterprise. László Nagy, two-time Champions League-winning Hungarian national handball player, and David Davis, the club's coach, shared their experiences of team management.
The psychiatrist  Eric Berne's book, the Games People Play (1964) was intended for the profession, and his theory was designed to approach diseases and pathologies. Transactional analysis works with some key concepts. The main conceptual category is the three Ego States (Parent, Adult, Child).

Berne's book was a great success with the general public as well. It has shown that our different self-states change involuntarily, unconsciously, and that hidden "scenarios" drive our actions, forcing strange interpersonal "games" out of us. Change comes about through insight, through awareness, and this is how the games can be averted.
Assertiveness is the way of communication in which the interests and goals of both parties are taken into account. Assertiveness is essentially a relationship model based on openness and honesty. It is important to master this skill, verbally and non-verbally, so that we can communicate our own positive and negative emotions, thoughts and feelings without causing ourselves unnecessary anxiety or guilt, or violating the dignity of others. We also need to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and our true selves. This kind of relating can have a healing effect on relationships at work and at home.


    I am offering my experience and professional knowledge to clients looking for a coach.

    After contacting me, we will discuss how I can support you in a free consultation of about 30 minutes.
    If we are on the same page, the co-operation can start, which consist of 5-10 suitable 60-90 minute sessions in person or online, depending on the topic. Remuneration will depend on these factors.

    e-mail: coach@judithargitai.com


    Hargitai Judit, coach

    Péter Halik, Engineering Consultant

    I first heard about coaching from my manager, who recommended Judit. My situation was pretty desperate. I did not want to attend because I thought she could not change the circumstances anyway. The people I did not get along with, would not get fired, I would not get paid twice my salary, and no one else would do my tasks for me. That is how I can describe my initial situation.

    I will always be grateful that we did start working together and that Judit radically changed my approach and attitude. With infinite patience she listened to my outbursts during the first sessions, because she knew even then that there could only be one outcome. I remember slowly realising that it was not the environment that needed to be changed, not the things that could not be changed. The easiest thing is to change myself.

    Judit told me at the end of each session that she was just asking questions, it was me who figured out what to do. I began to set myself more and more goals. It was an euphoric feeling. The successes came, the failures became fewer.

    After a year, I dare say I will never be the „Old Pete”.

    Would I recommend Judit to others? Working with her in my „imaginary company” is a must.
    She may really „just” ask questions, but what and when is almost an art!
    Thank you!

    Julia Dinges, Sales Manager

    It gives me a great pleasure to recommend Judit as a compassionate Jungian coach. Throughout several sessions of coaching, I gained new insights concerning my limiting behaviour patterns and felt empowered within my life.

    I’ve explored my personality type, gained much better understanding about different archetypes and the shadow sides of them. I liked that Judit has never given me any ready answers or solutions but showed me various perspectives by asking the right questions at the right time.

    As a coach she provided me a safe space for honest communication. I felt heard and understood during our sessions. Furthermore, Judit helped to clarify my goals and keep them in mind throughout the hardships I’m facing in everyday life. She is quite flexible and provides in-person and online coaching both in English and in Hungarian.

    Meeting Judit helped me through the most difficult time in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful for her support and guidance which helped me through this period.

    Tamás Sefcsik, Quality team manager

    Empathy, professionalism, reliability: these words come to my mind first when I think of Judit as a coach.

    I had not been coached before, so I did not know what to expect. It helped a lot that we discussed the frameworks and my goals in the beginning. From the first moment I felt safe with Judit.

    The coaching process helped me to grow self-reflection and through that I have been able to improve my leadership skills. I could also highlight some basic functionings that needed to be changed both professionally and personally. I also got the tools to start these changes in small steps. Judit helped me to place issues in a broader context, we touched on several topics of self-awareness, which was very useful in itself, but also made the work on the specific topic more effective.
    The initial goal setting was achieved even though life kept taking sudden turns in the meantime.
    I had a good time in the sessions, always waiting for the next one. I closed the process with the feeling that I wanted coaching to be a part of my life from time to time because I feel it is very helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend Judit as a coach to people who are brave enough to realize that they want to change and need help with that.

    Tibor Takács, Head of Engineering

    When I got to know that I would have the opportunity to work with Judit, I was open to the idea, although a bit sceptical due to being in the middle of a personal and professional crisis. There was series of conflicts that I could not handle adequately. But it is possible! Not easy, but it can be done! There is no recipe, no miracle cure for everything.

    In the coaching sessions, we basically worked through everyday life situations step by step. In this process I learned a number of useful and essential techniques. But, perhaps most importantly, I got to know myself. What was special for me was that Judit always found the right question that led me to the solution. I have my first real victory ahead of me, which I would not have achieved without her support. I thank Judit very much for her confidence in me and her persistence. I am lucky to have worked with her.

    If you are wondering how Judit can help you, I’ll tell you! With almost anything.

    Attila Lőrincz, Operations Manager

    I respect Judit for her honesty and dedication. I have known her for a long time, she has managed to get me through many small bottlenecks. Beyond the self-awareness topics and the „Aha” experiences, special thanks to her for breaking down the wall I had built for myself with bricks like „I don’t think that’s possible” or „come on, I don’t think that…”. There is still a wall, but I don’t have to climb it anymore, I just have to step over it.

    Ildikó, Teacher

    Judit is an experienced, scientifically sound professional with an empathetic approach. She helps to analyse the problems that arise creating a clear overall picture. Then, by outlining possible solutions, the client is helped to achieve the best possible outcome. Her deep humanity enables her to provide understanding and constructive support. Working with Judit opens up perspectives and gives hope for the future.

    Márk, Economist

    Judit and I started working together at a time in my life when I was facing a difficult decision. I was unhappy with my job at that time, I wanted to change, but everything seemed very uncertain. Our conversations clarified many issues and made me feel more courageous and confident. Since then, my career has taken a different direction, I have switched to another workplace and I am able to assert my own interests.

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